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Entrepreneur, practising Buddhist, Sanjana became aware of money habits that sabotaged her goals. Now, she's increasing her savings to make money work for her in the stock markets, too!
Sheetal earned very well in her corporate job, but no matter what she did, she ended up living from paycheck to paycheck and in debt! Today, free of debt, she has comfortable savings, is investing - and has taken a trip abroad, on her own money!
"You've changed my life forever. Can't thank you enough! ”  - Home maker, participant
"Every interaction with Priyanka is like a friend who understands your needs, issues, and all the drama in life around money - and still encourages you to achieve your financial goals” ~ Senior software engineer, entrepreneur, participant.

Do you have financial headaches? The kind that happen again and again? Like living from paycheck to paycheck? Constant borrowing - small or even large amounts? Are you sabotaging your future with unworkable financial habits - unknowingly?

Are these key areas a chronic problem?

  • Earning, Spending, Saving/Investing, or Giving?
  • You overspend—sometimes even unconsciously, buying things that you later realize you don't need.
  • You and your spouse have different approaches to dealing with money. (Or, you hide things regarding your spending.)
  • You want lifelong financial security but don't have a solid plan that shows the way to a quality life, now or after retiring.
  • You have unhealthy debt and feel trapped no matter how you try to get out of it.
  • You’ve made risky investments in the past and wish you knew better.
  • You fear losing money and over-save without enjoying what you have now.
  • You feel you never enough money…and it’s always this way no matter your income.
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