Saket, New Delhi
Limited Seats
Skype Meet Up for non Delhi Residents Available. Minimum of 6 people on request.

About The

Women Investors Network

We work with honest and open minded women who are passionate to get their finances in order and are willing to embrace major life changes and solutions to have a money life that works permanently.

Learning about stock market investment and investing is life changing. Its among the best ways to create wealth and the Indian stock market is among the biggest and advanced in the world.  We would love to introduce you to our self-teaching community and to our successful investment mentors.

Please Note: We have no financial advisors, bank agents, brokers nor do we represent any investors or companies. We rely on our growing financial awareness and take responsibility and pride in creating our own portfolios.

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Key Women Investor Meet Up Takeaways
Over 6,000 stocks listed in the market - makes you wonder how to spot and pick performing stocks, right?  We'll show you how!
All the investor mumbo jumbo - P/E Ratios,, Hedgeing, Stop Loss - we'll make it clear for you! And, we'll even give you instructions on how to open your demat account.